Circuit Design

Third Year Engineering Project – Wearable ECG Monitor

This project aims to design a low power battery operated wearable device with wireless capability that can measure ECG from the bipotential single channel. The system is lightweight and small since it will be worn for a long period without a battery recharge. Use professional tools & software during development. Understand low level embedded systems and overcome problems which are specific to the project using OEM datasheet/documentation.

FF3 3D Model

Fuse Finder III

Fuse Finder 3 is the third iteration of the FF product line.  The product has been redeveloped from the grounds up with a patented sensor design.  The MCU has been updated from PIC to ARM Cortex M0+, with a completely new software aritecture. The product consists of 2 parts: Receiver + Transmitter. My contributions to 

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