Third Year Engineering Project – Wearable ECG Monitor

This project aims to design a low power battery operated wearable device with wireless capability that can measure ECG from the bipotential single channel. The system is lightweight and small since it will be worn for a long period without a battery recharge. Use professional tools & software during development. Understand low level embedded systems and overcome problems which are specific to the project using OEM datasheet/documentation.

Year In Industry – Review

Company: Buckman Hardy Associate Position: Junior Embedded EngineerStart Date: June 2018End Date: September 2019 Summary: The year in industry is part of the 4-year BENG course from the university of kent. It contributes 10% to the final grade. The aim of this is to get real-world industry experience. Much has been achieved over the course of 15 

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Aquaculture Engineering – Tilapia Research

Tilapia Breeding: The biology of many individual tilapia species is now well known and the interest in using these species for fish farming has led to considerable developments in recent decades. The principal practical reasons for farming tilapia are: simple reproduction/breeding processes; rapid growth rate; good tolerance to high stocking densities and intensive rearing conditions; 

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