40,000 Volt – Holiday Tester – Year In Industry Project

The Project

HVDC is a holiday detector which can check paint coatings for various materials to make sure there are no microscopic holes. The product has multiple use cases from medical to acid factory. When I started at BHA back in June 2018 the project was in its early stages, this was different from the other 2 projects which have been going on for a year or two.

Overview of Jobs & Responsibilities

Software for HVDC UI: A/D reading to detect the battery level, DAC to control the beeper volume, SCT PWM to control LCD backlight level. Multi microcontroller project CAN bus communication with multiple nodes. A graphical user interface to control HV handle which can generate up to 40,000 Volts via CAN bus. Account system and user-level management system on an embedded platform with GUI access for passcode management. Reading and writing to EE flash, using LPC Open library, UART communication and getting it working with legacy software. Keypad software to detect button press and long presses.  Putting everything together to create a working embedded system operating system. Dealing with bugs as they come along.

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